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How it Works, Underground Tanks

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Most underground fuel tanks and many aboveground tanks come equipped with an Automatic Tank Gauge or ATG.  The ATG includes a wall-mounted console, usually in a nearby building, which displays current inventory levels. In some cases, the ATG console is internet connected allowing users to view inventory levels remotely via software installed on the user’s computer.

If your ATG is not internet connected, Ecogreen can help with Remote Inventory Monitoring. Ecogreen’s cellular connected hardware plugs in to the ATG console and transmits data to Ecogreen. Users can securely login to their Ecogreen account from anywhere on a computer or phone to view tank inventory levels, historical data and more.

If your ATG is internet connected already, Ecogreen can still provide Remote Inventory Monitoring by having your ATG can communicate directly to Ecogreen instead of your existing software. This is a great option if your existing software is limited to certain computers, requires expensive updates or is difficult to use.