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Ecogreen Tank Monitor with Pressure Sensor

Ecogreen Tank Monitor with Pressure Sensor

The Ecogreen Tank Monitor with Pressure Sensor is for stationary aboveground storage tanks up. The sensor rests at the bottom of the tank with a cable leading up to the base. It measures pressure differential and transmits that information to the Ecogreen software which calculates gallons based on the weight of the liquid and the tank dimensions. The Ecogreen Tank Monitor with Pressure Sensor is available in 4 sizes. The cable length does not need be cut or adjusted to the tank height; any extra cable just rests at the bottom.

Four Sizes

500 gallon diesel tank with an Ecogreen Tank Monitor

500 gallon diesel tank

Tanks up to 6 feet tall

This two-meter pressure sensor is commonly used for 500 to 3000 gallon horizontal tanks with a height/ diameter of 48" or 64". Also commonly used for 250, 500, 1000 and 1800 gallon fuel cubes.; convault tanks less than 6 feet tall; Poly tote tanks; 275 gallon elliptical tank; some generator tanks; rectangular lubricant tanks.


10,000 gallon gasoline tank with Ecogreen Tank Monitor

10,000 gallon gasoline tank

Tanks 7 to 13 feet tall

This four-meter pressure sensor. is commonly used for horizontal tanks 5000 gallon to 20,000 gallon with diameters/height of 96” or 120”, Vertical fuel tanks 4000 gallon, 129” height; 12,000 gallon Envirocube tanks Vertical Poly Farm Tanks.



10,000 gallon vertical tanks

10,000 gallon vertical tanks

Tanks 14 to 27 feet tall

This eight-meter pressure sensor is commonly used for vertical 10,000 to 20,000 gallon fuel tanks and poly tanks for fertilizer and chemicals.



500,000 gallon vertical tank

500,000 gallon vertical tank

Tanks 28 to 35 feet tall

Ten-meter pressure sensor. Commonly used for vertical 20,000 to 2,000,000 gallon tanks.


Be confident in managing fuel levels and deliveries with these features all included standard: easy install design; simple portal from your computer or phone; fuel level updates every 2 hours; GPS location; rugged construction; solar extended battery-life; unlimited alerts to your email or phone; unlimited users.


The Ecogreen Tank Monitor with Pressure Sensor is made of 304 stainless steel with aTeflon coated cable which makes it suitable for most liquids including diesel, gasoline, ethanol, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), oil lubricants up to 70 weight, biodiesel, water, waste oil, heating oil, kerosene, Avgas, Jet-A, most fertilizers.

Modifications Available

The following modifications are available to allow the Ecogreen Tank Monitor with Pressure Sensor to be used in a variety of situations: Power cable for a standard electric outlet for indoor tanks; Remote mounting kit for sun blocked tanks or tanks under a roof; sensor adaptation for tanks with a pressure/vacuum relief vent; port-cap adaptation for California CARB compliant tanks.

Installation Equipment

  • Pipe wrench
  • Thread sealant (pipe dope)
  • As needed: reducer coupling. Most tanks have a standard 2” port which the Ecogreen Monitor threads into. A reducer coupling is needed if port is larger, such as 3” or 4”.
  • As needed: tee fitting, elbow fitting and 2 nipples. If there is no available port for the Ecogreen Monitor, a tee and elbow configuration will allow the Ecogreen Monitor to share a port with the vent pipe.


Industries We Serve

The Ecogreen Tank Monitor applies to a diverse range of industries. Whether you deliver liquids or rely on liquid storage, you will benefit from monitoring the levels. For more information on the industries we serve visit who uses Ecogreen and why.