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Ecogreen Tank Monitor in Transport & Storage


Fluid Transport

No matter what you haul, the Ecogreen Tank Monitor will transform your business with tank level updates every 2 hours!

  1. Reduce Stops and Truck Miles: avoid unnecessary trips to reduce miles, labor hours, and truck expenses. Operate with fewer trucks and a smaller staff.
  2. Better service for important customers: Your high dollar accounts will benefit from the service you’re able to provide when you rely on Ecogreen.
  3. Better service for unpredictable users: Ecogreen’s forecasting tools allow you to avoid run outs of even your most unpredictable customers.
  4. Even waste haulers benefit: Ecogreen works just as well if you’re picking up from tank instead of delivering to them. Get email or text alerts based on low levels or high levels.

Fluid Storage

Manage the inventory that your business relies on.

  1. Put an end to unsafe manual tank level checks: End the practice of climbing tanks to insert a measuring stick. Falls and exposure to petroleum or acid fumes can be avoided when you have an Ecogreen Tank Monitor on each tank.
  2. Avoid running out: If inventory and usage varies by season and weather, don't depend on guessing and estimates to know when a delivery is needed. Running out is too costly.
  3. Take control of deliveries: Ecogreen helps you control the timing of your ordering and deliveries. Order when commodity prices are lower. Avoid unnecessary small deliveries