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Ecogreen Tank Monitor in Construction


Commercial building construction, state and federal projects, bridge and infrastructure; Oil & Gas projects; well pads, fracking sites. All of these have fuel or water tanks that need an Ecogreen Tank Monitor

Benefits of Ecogreen on the Job Site

  1. Higher profits: Less time wasted checking tank levels means more time to concentrate on your core business.
  2. Stay fueled: Never run out again! Running out of fuel can idle your heavy equipment and the manpower need to operate it.
  3. No more lost tanks: GPS is standard on the Ecogreen Tank Monitor. When job site locations change, you'll always know where the tanks are.
  4. Take control of you diesel: Avoid unnecessary deliveries such as ones the occur right before your job is done. Make sure your diesel inventory matches your job length.
  5. Rely on Ecogreen's sturdy construction: The rugged  hardware is built to withstand most harsh work conditions such as  heavy equipment or blasting vibration, airborne dust and tank movement.