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Client Testimonials:

Want to know what our clients are saying about us? Below, you'll find a list of testimonials from some of our amazing clients.


Tom, Dispatch Manager of a Fuel and Lubricants supplier in KS:

I switched to Ecogreen 3 years ago from a company that had poor customer service and tank monitors with very short battery life. We don’t have to go around changing batteries all the time anymore and the customer service is great. We do bulk fuel delivery by tank wagon and transport, so the true benefits are that there are fewer miles driven by our trucks and we can make larger deliveries by knowing exactly how much is in the customer’s tank at any time. There’s also savings for my customers because they can see their tank levels too, so they can time their fuel purchases depending on each day’s price.


Steve, Director of Propane for a Multi-state Energy Supplier in PA:

Ecogreen provides consistently reliable readings, along with the data being sent every other hour allows us to feel safe with high volume commercial propane and motor fuel customers. Some customers can go through hundreds of gallons a day and we still feel very comfortable in knowing we can get the info to guarantee they won’t run out while still maintaining efficiencies. It has allowed us to expand our coverage area because we know we are going to get the necessary gallons with further out stops. It has also decreased the number of stops we need to make for each customer. They also provide great customer service and view our relationship as true partnership to make sure we are getting everything we should be out of the monitors.

Arthur, General Manager of an Oil Company in VA:

We’ve been using Ecogreen for years to help us serve our community. We use the monitors for our onsite fueling services for customers that have fleets of trucks and work vehicles that depend on diesel and gasoline to keep their businesses running. Ecogreen helps us make sure they don’t run out and helps us serve some customers on the very edge of our territory. We can even allow customers to see their own diesel and gasoline levels from their computers.


Harvey, Dispatcher From a Fuel Company in Ontario, Canada:

We have a customer with two 4500 litre tanks that we have Ecogreen monitors on. They plow and salt Highway 401, one of the busiest highways in North America. The monitors help us make sure that they have the fuel they require when the weather is bad and prevent call-outs after hours and deliveries for small volume. Previous monitors we used reported every 12 hours and just did not give us a good picture and required too much guess work. The 2-hour updates are prefect due to the rate that they can go through fuel. Since we have been using Ecogreen, our deliveries are spot on.   Also, if they do call with an out of fuel issue, our on-call driver can look at the web portal and usually they have more than enough fuel in the other tank and just have not checked (for some reason everyone likes to use the one tank)


Taylor, Sales Professional at an Oil Company in NY:

The quality that sets Ecogreen monitors apart from others we’ve deployed is service, hands down. If we need something they help us, from a battery to a detailed analysis of a customer’s usage patterns. The staff is accountable and always there when the need arises.  The web portal is functional with a layout that presents an accurate view of tank levels and locations. Another attribute that we have grown to depend on is, reliability of consistent data even in those remote, hard to reach areas where cell service is marginal and other systems are not operational.


Maria,  Purchasing Agent for a Caterpillar (CAT) Dealer:

Using Ecogreen tank monitors on all our Diesel and Gasoline tanks (plus some of our bulk Oil Lubricant tanks) at most of our 27 sites has been a game changer for Cleveland Brothers.  Our yard personnel no longer need to “stick” the tanks nor continually manually monitor tank levels, as our suppliers do it for us!  Getting readings on each tank every two hours allow us to properly account for all our fuel usage whether it be for internal use or customer rental units.  Both Cleveland Brothers and our suppliers have access to the web portal that shows current levels on all tanks which gives us the confidence we won’t run out – saving us time and money.


Dawn from a Petroleum Company in CO:

We use Ecogreen Tank Monitors because it allows us to better serve our keep-full customers. It’s all about delivering with efficiency and not making extra trips to tanks before they actually need to be filled. Also, with Ecogreen, we know how much fuel each customer will take which allows us to add more customers to each day’s dispatch. They even have co-branded marketing materials which my sales reps use to enhance and secure relationships with our best customers.


Tim, Fuel Manager of an Agricultural Co-op in WV:

I like Ecogreen because it improves the business side a lot, they really help right-size your operation based on true needs instead of guesswork. You don't have to waste time sending drivers when they're not needed just to check the tank.  You couldn't hire someone to go around and check tanks for how little these monitors cost.  And when drivers have fuel on their trucks at the end of the day, we can use the monitors to find a customer who can take delivery, so we don’t have to bring trucks back with fuel in them.

Farmers really like it because they know they won't run out. During the peak season, a farm can empty a tank in just a few hours. Same thing goes for construction sites. We can check certain accounts that work over the weekend and It helps us avoid making Saturday deliveries.

We like the ease-of-use, the low tank warnings and the reliability. We even have our drivers pulling up Ecogreen on their phones which helps every day, but especially when the dispatcher goes on vacation. There are fewer miles on the trucks and less wear and tear. Also, there is the ease of moving them if you lose a customer because of credit or something, you can take it off and install it on the next customer that might need it.


Ward, General Manager of Fuel and Lube Company in North TX:

The Ecogreen monitors have allowed us to keep an eye our customers’ fuel levels, with an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard. Now with just a quick glance, we know which of our customers need fuel. Ecogreen has allowed us to increase our efficiency and lower our operational costs. We also use them to monitor our inventory of diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oil, lubricants and even our DEF tanks. Installation is easy, and Ecogreen’s staff helps us select the appropriate monitor depending on the tank size and contents.


Erin, Manager of an Oil Company in MA:

Personally, I think the best feature is that it saves us from making unnecessary trips to some of our distant, remote deliveries until they really need it.  It definitely reduces truck miles and man hours. Our customers never run out of fuel and they like that they don't have to constantly check their tanks. It also makes us more competitive when we’re bidding on government fuel contracts.